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Rob Longstaff is a New Zealand born, Australian bred, Berlin based Pop/Soul/Blues musician, globetrotter and adventurer.

After working Australia’s tough but rewarding pub circuit, Rob packed his bags for Berlin, a city which he now calls home. In between his musical accomplishments Rob likes a challenge, having now hitchhiked across three continents, toured Indian and African orphanages and hospitals, ventured to Antarctica and travelled overland from Berlin to Australia by bicycle, train and ship.

Convinced by the idea of slow travelling the singer/songwriter did the German release tour for his album „Boogaloo“ on a solar boat and took a trip through the US on a custom electric trike. He also has been experimenting with the tiny house and the zero waste food movements.

Powerful vocals with humorous lyrics, passionate guitar playing and charm make him a one-man-groove-machine that runs with or without amplification.

Rob’s yet to be named second studio album with Blackbird Music is slated for release this year and typically features an ambitious mix of fun styles but with a little something for everyone.


12  DEC 2018 | Festival of Small Halls, Rainbow Beach, AUS

27 DEC 2018 – 1 JAN 2019 | Woodford Folk Festival, AUS

17 JAN 2019 – 20 JAN 2019 | Illawarra Folk Festival, AUS



Rob Longstaff
Rob Longstaff
Rob Longstaff
Rob Longstaff
Rob Longstaff
Rob Longstaff
Rob Longstaff
Rob Longstaff
Rob Longstaff





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Please contact Rob directly for free charity concerts (Human rights, Animal welfare, Environmental issues etc.) and tuition inquiries.